How to Join

There are different ways of joining the club, it depends on if you have shot before or not.

Tasters Sessions

If you are completely new to the sport and you are not sure if you will like it or not.  Then you need to look into our Taster Sessions.  These are for people who just want to come down, pick a bow up and just give it a try, you can be an individual and just come down, or you can come with your family or even as a group.  For more details then please go to out Tasters Session page.

Beginners Courses

If you have been to our Taster Sessions, or you know you want to give archery a go, then our beginners courses are for you.  These are courses to properly train you to be safe and understand the basics of shooting.  These courses run for a few hours a day once a week for either 4 or 6 weeks (depending on the day).  If you have never shot, this is the way that you can join our club.  For more details, please go an see our beginners course page.

Joining after a Beginners Course

Upon completing the beginners course you will be told on how you can join, but if you wish to ask more questions then please use our form on the Contact Us page.

Already a shooter but want to join

If you have been shooting for a while at another club and wish to join then please use the form on the Contact Us page and we can setup a date and time that you can come down to be assessed (we do this for every shooter for insurance purposes), upon successful assessment then you will be told the next step to join.

What things can I join in on when I join?

We have a huge selection of both indoor, outdoor and social events throughout the year that you can join, as well as badge schemes to challenge yourself.  Upon joining you will be given access to the members section on the site which will have all the details you need and if you want more details then you can always ask people or the committee at the club.

Have-A-Go sessions

If you are looking for a shooting session for bigger groups and businesses that want to organise group events or team building days, then our Have-A-Go sessions are what you are looking for.  These are for up to 20 people to come down and shoot all together and make it a great team building night.  For more details on this, please go to our Have-A-Go page.

For any other queries, please use the form on our Contact Us page.