Sam Clare 4th in National Rankings

Sam Clare

Sam Clare

2014/15 was a great season for Rochdale’s very own Sam Clare which culminated with a Women’s Barebow 4th place in the national rankings published last week.

On the journey to 4th place Sam reset many of the 19 county records she holds and secured a GMB for the season – an astounding achievement for any archer and in Sam’s case, one which is very well deserved.

I asked Sam to share some advice on how her approach to archery:

Know thyself – This is one of the Deplhic Maxims that is carved into the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. This was said by the Oracle of Delphi and is therefore attributed to Apollo himself. Apollo is the Greek god of many things including archery which is kind of fitting.

To me it means that you can achieve whatever you want if you know yourself, you know what your limits are, how far you can push yourself and overall what feels right for you. I’ve noticed that the sport of archery is very subjective and people generally have an opinion on everything. This is by no means a bad thing as long as the individual can take what they know to be useful to them, there is no right and wrong way to do things (apart from in the Rules of Shooting!) and there should be no pressure to follow convention. As long as you and your equipment are covered in the Rules of Shooting, you can do whatever you want if it suits you.

I’ve had a lot of help from people from my club, sometimes in ways that was maybe not intended or that people were even conscious of. I’ve also been helped by people from other clubs too and have had some great weekends shooting.

I wouldn’t have got to this point without everyone’s help and I will never ignore advice or help if it is offered.

My biggest piece of advice I can think of to pass on is to listen to everyone but only take on board those things that you know will help you. Always try things that are suggested but if you don’t feel in your gut it will work for you then it’s ok to say you’ve tried but it’s not for you – Know thyself.”

This season Sam will be going to the Archery GB UK Masters and the whole of Rochdale Company of Archers wish her the best of luck.

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